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Here’s another sci fi/dystopian future trope I’m getting tired of.

Girls aren’t as smart as boys and will therefore only be chosen for experiments if they are exceptional.  Usually only one for romance purposes.


So as a continuation of this from April (a full five months ago at time of writing), one of my guild members was contacted by Ceci Riocha, the leader of Balmung’s Darknest linkshell.  They clearly, took offence at my posting the logs that were privately shared with me with the understanding I was free to publish them.  Ceci Riocha quite brusquely informed this member that she, another, and no other of my members in the future would be permitted in the Darknest linkshell in response to my decision to share the the chat logs that I did.

As you can tell from my conversation with this individual, exception was taken with the fact I exposed someone who publicly engages and engaged in the simulation of sexual acts with a minor, in addition to (in another medium) discussing their arousal from being in a public location with children present.

I want to point out two things here.

One, the Darknest linkshell is not a private place.  It is a publicly-available linkshell to which an individual can easily receive an invitation without providing any kind of proof of age or identification.  In neither a civil nor crminal context, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in an internet chat channel with over 100 people in it.

Second, the simulation of these sexual acts (read: rape) is indeed a crime in several US states and, unless I am mistaken about their definition of the same, Canada.  It is entirely fair to say Darknest and its leadership is not just actively condoning, but protecting this highly deviant and, in some places, criminal behaviour.

I am not seeking a conflict with Ceci Riocha, Darknest, or anyone in the Darknest linkshell.  I am offering this information publicly in response to Ceci Riocha’s continued contact my guild members in a transparent attempt to sow discord.  I think it is important people understand there is this element in our community and, if necessary, take the steps to protect themselves from the kind of legal indemnity that comes with associating with such an element.



I don’t care what anyone says. I need those pajamas 


oh yes suddenly I have a mighty need



I don’t care what anyone says. I need those pajamas 


oh yes suddenly I have a mighty need

That’s more girls than the movie trailer seems to include. :/

Well, to be fair, she spent over half the book in a coma with only a mention now and again.  Like ‘Oh yeah, that girl is still in a coma.’

The last time I weighed myself was two weeks ago.  I was 236 lbs then, which was a 17 lb loss from the 253 lbs I weighed when I began walking back in March.  In July, I changed my diet.  Cut out all processed foods, no more sugar, breads, white rice and potatoes.

I had to stare at the scale and wonder if I was seeing it correctly.  I’m down to 221 lbs.  I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs.

It’s been two years now.

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The Maze Runner done.

I think I need something less depressing now.

Listening to The Maze Runner now.  I have one question so far.

Why is there only one girl?

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Happy bunday, thestirge!

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