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It’s apparently my lucky day.  I resolved a problem with a co-worker, peacefully, bonded with my new and awesome manager, took my mother out to eat and helped her around the house a bit with some things she couldn’t do.  When I came home, my father told me the old clunker car I’d left abandoned on his property outside of town (that I didn’t know what to do with) sold to a guy who needed a parts car.  

Then he handed me two $100 bills.  

Ted Nugent: Native Americans Are 'Unclean Vermin' Who Don't 'Qualify As People' 



Oh look.

Ted Nugent is attention whoring again.

He’s really such a swell guy

Ted, stop thinking you’re relevant.



らくがき2枚 by すずまる

I feel this is how Hyurs treat us Miqo’te.

Miqote are all belligerent misbehaving cats in my eyes

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New ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ image of Black Widow on a motorcycle with Captain America’s shield.

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson on the set of Captain America: The Winter Solider

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Anonymous said: Shut the fuck up about vaccinations. Not everyone has to have them, not everyone believes in them. Uneducated fuck.






You know, my homie and secret best friend Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best….


This isn’t an issue of belief or should even be up for discussion. It’s not a debate- like gravity or that the Earth revolves around the Sun isn’t up for debate. It’s a fact, whether or not you like it. Sorry bro.

And any ‘educated fuck’ knows that vaccines are necessary and everyone who can have them should have them.

Have a lovely day, sugar. 

Actually there’s a lot of research and knowledge supporting the fact that vaccines are NOT necessary. It is simply another thing that today’s health system is super big on, just like hospital births and c-sections. And a lot of people actually have long term and short term complications from getting vaccines. Ahem.

Dang guys, you thought I didn’t check my activity log every now and then? Because I knew shit like this would pop up. And, I just finished my block exam and am feeling fiesty.

Actually you’re wrong. That ‘research’ is either completely fabricated OR grossly misinterprets the data OR uses shitty research techniques to get the data they want- all which are grossly unethical, in case you’re curious. I’ve got slides from a recent lecture on vaccines (aka why I am so fired up about this nonsense). You can check out the citations on each slide if you don’t believe me… something unsurprisingly missing from literally every anti-vaccine comment I’ve gotten and website that I have visited. Show me your sources, honey, and if you do, I will blow them out of the water because not a single one stands up to current scientific research standards.

There are however tomes and tomes of research for the safety end efficacy of vaccines. Don’t believe me? Look at a simple google scholar search.

So! Here we go! 



Holy shit, it’s almost like vaccines SAVE SOCIETY MONEY. In fact, they give money back to society, along with the other programs indicated by red arrows. Which would be really weird for something that is just a healthcare fad like c-sections and hospital births.

And most people have no complications for getting vaccines, and if they do, most of them are short term. In fact, it is devilishly hard to prove an adverse effect was because of a vaccine. Why? Because it’s how we’re wired. We falsely see connections and causes where there are none (called a type 1 error; you are rejecting a true null hypothesis). People are more likely to attribute an adverse health event to a shot- even if that shot is the placebo and the numbers are just the background rate for whatever health event in the population.


And here is a graph showing the sample sizes necessary to prove that an adverse event is caused or related to a vaccine.


You know what, it was a really good lecture and I’m going to share more more relevant slides in case any one else feels like contradicting me.

These slides show the public health impact of vaccines. Note the differences between the historical peak and post-vaccine era deaths columns. Because saving literally thousands of lives is totally a conspiracy you should beware of.



And this is why herd immunity is so important! See how high it has to be for measles? Guess what we’re seeing outbreaks of thanks to anti-vaxxers? Don’t forget that one of the deadly complications of measles is SSPE.


Look how Hepatitis A infections in older adults when down after kids started getting immunized. Shocking! Could vaccines be… good for …. everyone????



Goddddd nothing makes me FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE faster or more than anti-vaxxers spewing their bullshit and claiming “studies” as if they’re things they found in actual scientific and medical journals and not on crunchy Mommy Blogs all over the internet, things written by people who wouldn’t know good science if it slapped them in the face with an oversized zucchini. 

Also? Do not get me started on people acting as if hospital births are super terrible omg or like C-sections are these completely unnecessary things or like the way you’re supposed to give birth is ~at home in a pool of water while whale noises play from the Pandora Whale Noise Yoga Station~. As if that makes you a better mother or more of a woman or some bullshit.

Yeah, as a species, we’ve survived for ~10k years without vaccines or hospitals or C-sections, but we also had ridiculously high mortality rates overall. I’m not interested in going back to those times, just because some randoms on the internet think that technological and medical advances are “another thing today’s health system is super big on.” 




Because only Vin Diesel could ever be ridiculously nerdy enough to attend the UK world premiere red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a “I am Groot” t-shirt and walking on stilts

You giant fucking nerd I love you.



I just had a thought about Winter Soldier and Avengers. Not a new revelation, but a perspective shift.

OK. So. Hydra and their end game. Second to last step: seize the SHIELD council. That means…

The council were NOT already suborned when they reached the Stupid-ass Decision. This little clique genuinely chose unilaterally to detonate two strategic nuclear bombs over the city of New York. They seriously chose to kill 11 million human beings without even consulting anyone actually empowered to make the hard choices for the US.

They did this because they’d decided the invasion was unstoppable after it walked over something like a single squadron of their own NGO interceptors and the *NYPD*. They didn’t bother to wait for, y’know, a military to show up or anything. And they did it while the bulk of the Chitauri were still on the other side of the portal, immune to the blast. It was BOTH an unnecessary and a futile sacrifice of millions of lives excluding their own.

So. Getting back to Winter Soldier… We find or there’s this whole evil subset of SHIELD so dedicated to fascism they rebelled against Hitler for being week-kneed. And then we find out these incompetent war criminals, this godamn four-headed Joffrey, DON’T BELONG TO IT. No, they were the real SHIELD all along. The “legitimate” one.

Damn, no wonder Steve was all like “we are saving nothing here.”

THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING. SHIELD was a shady organization solving its problems with population control well before Project Insight. Project Insight was NICK FURY’S BABY. Entrenched structures of power with no oversight are dangerous as shit! OPAQUE GOVERNMENT THAT IS NOT ANSWERABLE TO THE PEOPLE IT GOVERNS IS THE REAL ENEMY.

SHIELD was, at its inception, a decent idea, a good intention.  But we all know what paves the road to hell.  Hydra did infiltrate it.  Their operatives not only hid in plain sight, they poisoned the waters.  That’s what Alexander Pierce was talking about.  Hydra sowed the seeds of chaos in order to steer SHIELD (and other government organizations world-wide, this wasn’t just America-centric manipulation going on) more and more toward a fascist point of view.  So that eventually SHIELD went from being a good intention sort of intelligence organization, to mirroring exactly what Hydra wanted it to.

That’s why Cap resisted Fury so much.  Why the two of them clashed. Fury was part of the system, Cap came in from outside the system and the more he saw, the more he realized SHIELD was no better than the villains they fought against.  

He joined SHIELD to protect people, not to engage in cloak and dagger games.  And rather than try to preserve what was left of SHIELD, Steve decided it was better to take the whole thing down, rather than try to figure out what fruit of it was poisoned and what wasn’t.

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