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So, back to X-Files.

Season 1, Episode 10, Fallen Angel.  I saw this and about sighed.

Schizophrenics are usually depicted in two ways in media.  Either we’re psychotic killers (see: Law & Order episodes or Criminal Minds) or we’re kooky lovable conspiracy theorist nutballs.  Very rare I see a more honest portrayal of us.

Not that Max bothers me much, he’s kinda growing on me.  But I wasn’t surprised to see that subtle though stereotypical nod to mental illness either.

(And before the individual stalking my blog sees this and feels the need to comment, yes I realize Mellaril is used for other disorders and not just for schizophrenia.  But it’s most common use is the treatment of schizophrenia, so let’s not dicker about that please.)


The iconic shield throw at its finest!


The iconic shield throw at its finest!

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The angels and the demons are just as problematic as one another; it’s not like the angels are great. But the usage of the pagan gods got up my nose, and don’t get me started on the sexism and racism in that show.

I hadn’t touched on that, but I did notice it.  I just wasn’t sure how to articulate it.

Oh my lord.  If you’re a fan of supernatural you don’t want to click the cut.

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setkaonline replied to your video “Dear writers of Supernatural,  Just stop trying to insert Pagan…”

I can maybe send you a list of episodes to skip and/or brace yourself for lmao

If you have a list or know of a list let me know. XD Because every time they bring up pagans it’s totally, and even insultingly, awful.

I mean seriously, if they were doing this with anyone else’s religion/culture, tumblr would have had a conniption.  (But I guess because it’s paganism, it’s totes ok or something idek.)

Dear writers of Supernatural, 

Just stop trying to insert Pagan things into your episodes.  Because every time you do, it comes off so ignorant and laughable I’m rolling around.


A pagan

Supernatural season 4, episode 7.

It’s pronounced Sow-in, Sam. Also wow was that ever a bunch of bullshit.  There is no… what…. the… fuck… is this shit.




Very important gifset 2/2

Welp, the internet gods don’t care if *I* get any work done today…

Oh hello dogtag kink, there you are.

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